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Jatin Bodara

Having over a decade of experience in the SaaS industry, I am a design-driven enthusiast. While in college, I worked as a developer in web and mobile applications.

I obtained a bachelor's degree in Information and Technology from the Government College in Gujarat. During my college years, I learned about databases, cyber security, web development, and design.

After graduating, I pursued a career in software development at Synodica.ica. It was there that I learned about ERP modules and technologies. Later, I joined Advetfly where I learned how to develop web and mobile applications.

Communication with the client, gathering requirements, and converting ideas into technology through design. Additionally, I have been a key member of my companies' project design and project management teams.

I am passionate about learning the latest technologies and I enjoy observing SaaS products in action.

Right now I'm studying Master of Sciences in Information of technology & management in the University of Texas at Dallas. Interested in learning more about product management. My interest in product management, strategy management, and corporate relations is piqued.

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Academic Milestone

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Master of Science - MS, Information Technology & Management

The University of Texas at Dallas,  🇺🇸  USA

January 2023 - May 2024
Bachelor of Engineering - BE, Information Technology

Gujarat Technological University (GTU),  🇮🇳  India

January 2023 - Apr 2024
Certificate, Product Management
Jul 2023

Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Certificate, Digital Transformation Program
Jun 2023 - Jul 2023

Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Certificate, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program
Jun 2023 - Jul 2023

Stanford University Graduate School of Business


Online Courses  

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Design Thinking - Digital Product

🌐,  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   August, 2023
Product Management

🌐   Stanford University Online High School,  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   July, 2023
Digital Transformation Program

🌐   Stanford University Online High School,  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   June, 2023
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

🌐   Stanford University Graduate School of Business,  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   June, 2023

Learning Outcomes during Master Degree

Unveiling a Tapestry of Expertise: Navigating Achievements and Certifications to Illuminate a Journey of Knowledge, Experience, and Proficiency.

Tech & New Product Development

👉  Sources of Innovation
👉  Standards Battles & Design Dominance
👉  Types & Patterns of Innovation
👉  Framework for Product Management
👉  Collaboration Strategies
👉  Managing the New Product Development Process
👉  Managing New Product Development Teams

Foundations Digital Product Management

Agile software development methods emphasize rapid user feedback cycles and the importance of a product orientation for the success of a software system. Class covers topics associated with developing and managing software as a digital product. Topics include digital strategy, marketing, and branding of digital products, software development methods, design thinking, innovation, and data-driven decision making. Traditional consumer-based digital products will be examined along with the management of digital products for internal stakeholders.

👉  Product Journey
👉  Product Roadmap
👉  Product & Stakeoholder Management
👉  Relation between Data and Product Managers
👉  Product & Market type with Strategy
👉  Sales Strategy
👉  Aftermarket Strategy
👉  Infrastructure Management
👉  Agile Methodology

System Analysis & Project Management

👉  System Analysis & Project Management
👉  Approaches to Systems Development
👉  Object Concepts & Systems Analysis
👉  System Proposal and Collecting Data about the Current System
👉  Process Modeling
👉  Dynamic Data Modeling
👉  Systems Design
👉  Database Design
👉  Software Design
👉  Systems Architecture
👉  Information Systems Project Management

User Experience Design

👉  User Experience (UX) Design
👉  Customer Experience (CX)
👉  Conducting User Research – Contextual Design/Task Analysis
👉  User journeys and stories/User personas
👉  Information Architecture and Interaction Design
👉  Interface, Navigation and Information Design Representing
👉  Accessibility
👉  Designs: sketching, storyboarding, wire framing, & prototyping
👉  Design principles & trends

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Navigating IT's Complex Terrain with Precision, Tech, Design and Innovation

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Product Manager Intern 🇺🇸

TechGird Systems LLC, USA  🇺🇸     ( January, 2024 - Present... )

👉 Support in driving digital strategy and long-term vision to build best-in-class digital products.
👉 Conduct user research and usability studies, collaborating with designers, developers, and research teams throughout the process.
👉 Help the team in crafting a product vision (short- and long-term) and convert it to concrete strategy.
👉 Participate in market research, validation, and white space analysis to identify opportunities for new or existing features and functionalities.
👉 Interact with business owners and agile product teams to help build roadmaps that will be reflected in the company's broader portfolio planning.
👉 Interact regularly with cross-functional teams to ensure alignment on feature development and prioritization in an agile environment.
👉 Assist in developing structured learning pathways for product management skill enhancement.
👉 Participate in fostering a product-led approach within the team.
👉 Engage in projects that support the client’s objectives of smooth operations and consistent delivery.

Company Logo, Co-Founder, USA  🇺🇸     ( May, 2023 - Present... )

👉 AI Mental Wellness Digital App to improve the human mental health
👉 AI for personalised exercises, risk identification, and therapist support.
👉 Patients connect with therapists and share information for mutual benefit, while community spaces provide support for individuals facing similar challenges.
👉 MindInMe aims to alleviate the impact of mental health issues on millions, offering a unique blend of advanced technology and human intervention.

👉  AI
Data Analysis  👉  React  👉  Python  👉  MongoDB  👉  SpringBoot  👉  Power BI  👉  Webflow  👉  UI Prototyping  👉  Figma  👉  Android  👉  iOS  👉  Generative AI for Task Allocation

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Technical Product Manager, Co-Founder

Advetfly Solutions LLP      ( November, 2019 - January, 2023 )

👉 Optimised operational efficiency and enhanced process by 20% through strategic roadmap and feature prioritisation.
👉 Developed and maintained product pricing models, resulting in a 22% increase in profit and a 37% increase in sales.
👉 Prepare product vision, roadmap, operational plan & 3-year planning document to drive long-term vision & strategy.
👉 Collaborated with all 58 cross-functional teams to develop data-driven strategies for business planning and scenario modeling, resulting in a notable 26% increase in productivity, a 30% decrease in costs & plan solution development.
👉 Created and maintained product documentation, resulting in a 35% reduction in customer support inquiries.
👉 Effectively communicates and translates business outcomes, functional, & technical requirements to cross-functional teams, resulting project completion 6 months ahead and $4M revenue with Go-to-Market strategies & Mentorship.
👉 Assisted in the redesign of the user interface of Truly Finance & Kaptyn, improving overall user satisfaction by 20%.
👉 Analysed market trends and customer feedback to identify product opportunities, resulting in the development of a new product that generated $4M in revenue.

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May 2021 - Jan 2023


Product Designer & Project Manager

Design the product base on user centric direction and its behaviour. Backend support to make web & mobile app development. Research & Analysis market, market need.

Company Logo

Mar 2019 - Oct 2019

Pixer Digital

Business Analyst

Led UIUX and engineering teams using agile to develop operation insights web and mobile application, working with internal stakeholders and customers to incorporate feedback into application.

Company Logo

Sr. Software Engineer

Synodica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.      ( June, 2016 - October, 2019 )

👉 Utilized Agile & Scrum to manage 24 complex projects, collaborating with engineering and field team for data insights.
👉 Monitored product health & achieved 60% customer satisfaction by tracking business-metrics & feature performances.
👉 Tracked end to end delivery of the project through JIRA and executed projects using Agile ceremonies such as sprint planning, daily standup, sprint retrospective, user story creations, and product backlog grooming.
👉 Coordinated with product manager to identify customer drop and modeled solutions, increasing traffic by 22%.

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Software Engineer

Synodica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.      ( June, 2015 - May, 2016 )

👉 Own and drive navigation changes for Amazon’s worldwide Seller and Vendor Central Portal by developing a product plan and implement A/B testing treatment for our products to improve user engagement by 30 basis points.
👉 Improved system performance, converting legacy services into APIs, reducing the response time to 800 milliseconds.

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Licenses & Certifications

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Google Ads Display Professional Certification

🌐   Google Digital Academy (Skillshop),  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   December, 2023
AI for Product Management

🌐,  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   November, 2023
AWS Solutions Architect

🌐   Amazon Web Services (AWS),  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   September, 2023
Customer Experience: Journey Mapping

🌐   Linkedin,  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   September, 2023
Design Thinking: Customer Experience

🌐   Linkedin,  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   September, 2023

🌐,  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   August, 2023

🌐,  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   September, 2023
Product Roadmapping Micro-Certification

🌐,  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   September, 2023
Product Strategy Micro-Certification

🌐,  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   September, 2023
Product Management

🌐   Google Cloud &,  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   July, 2023
AWS Cloud Essentials Certificate

🌐   Amazon Web Services (AWS),  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   July, 2023
Product Analytics Certification

🌐   Google Cloud &,  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   July, 2023
Product-led Certification

🌐   Google Cloud &,  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   July, 2023
Salesforce Certified Administrator

🌐,  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   April, 2023
Master Builder - Salesforce Application

🌐   Thanawalla Digital,  🇺🇸  USA

🗓️   March, 2023