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Design insurance to power the future of work. We are a team of gig workers and entrepreneurs that came together to build our future by creating insurance that we want so we can build epic companies and work on our dreams.

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Redesign + Product Management

Project overview

Bringing together lifestyle and smart technology powered by insurance.

We envision a future where insurance seamlessly integrates with the rhythm of modern life, empowering gig workers and entrepreneurs. As a collective of like-minded individuals, we set out to redefine insurance for the evolving landscape of work. Our team, comprised of gig workers and entrepreneurs, shares a common goal – to build epic companies and chase our dreams fearlessly. Recognizing that safeguarding our income is paramount to protecting our aspirations, we've crafted insurance solutions tailored for the dynamic lifestyles of hustlers and business owners alike.

Whether you're hustling part-time or running a full-fledged business, we've got you covered. Our mission is to provide the peace of mind needed to focus on business-building without the worry of unforeseen interruptions. We extend this commitment to all hustlers, entrepreneurs, and gig workers, ensuring that every endeavor is shielded. Don't see your specific hustle on our website? Let us know, and we'll go above and beyond to tailor coverage for you. Live your best life, follow your dreams, and let us handle the rest.

Project Challenges

  1. Redesign 🔄: Transforming the user experience demanded a comprehensive redesign. Faced with outdated interfaces and user pain points, the challenge was to create an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing design that resonated with our tech-savvy audience. Navigating through legacy structures, we forged a modern design that enhances accessibility and user satisfaction.
  1. Product Analytics 📊: Confronting the need for data-driven insights, we delved into the world of product analytics. Gathering, interpreting, and leveraging data became pivotal to refine our offerings. Overcoming the initial hurdle of data silos, we established a robust analytics framework, providing actionable insights that steer our product strategy and user experience.
  1. Product Management 🚀: The product's evolution required meticulous management. Adhering to agile principles, we orchestrated seamless collaboration among cross-functional teams. Aligning product development with market demands, we implemented efficient project management practices, ensuring timely deliverables and a cohesive product vision.
  1. Product Redesign 🎨: Aiming for innovation, we embarked on a holistic product redesign. Addressing not only visual elements but also user workflows, we undertook the challenge to enhance overall usability. The result? A refreshed product interface that aligns with contemporary design trends while maintaining user familiarity.
  1. Product Re-Architect 🏗️: Focused on scalability, we encountered the need for a structural overhaul. The challenge involved re-architecting the product to accommodate future growth seamlessly. Breaking down existing silos, we implemented a robust architecture that ensures flexibility and adaptability to emerging technological landscapes.
  1. Agile Methodology 🔄: Transitioning to an agile methodology was pivotal for dynamic product development. Overcoming resistance to change, we cultivated an agile mindset across the organization. The iterative approach not only accelerated development cycles but also fostered adaptability, enabling us to respond effectively to evolving market dynamics.

Each challenge was a testament to our commitment to overcoming hurdles, enhancing our products, and ultimately, offering a solution that empowers the dreams and aspirations of our users.

Project execution

  1. Redesign 🔄: Conducted user-centric design workshops and feedback sessions, integrating user input at every stage of the redesign. Employed rapid prototyping to test and iterate designs, ensuring a seamless transition from legacy interfaces to a modern, intuitive design.
  2. Product Analytics 📊: Implemented a unified analytics platform, breaking down data silos. Utilized machine learning algorithms to derive actionable insights from raw data, enhancing our ability to understand user behavior and refine product offerings in real-time.
  3. Product Management 🚀: Adopted Agile methodologies with Scrum frameworks, facilitating daily stand-ups and sprint retrospectives. Implemented collaborative tools to streamline communication among cross-functional teams, ensuring transparency and alignment with market demands.
  4. Product Redesign 🎨: Conducted comprehensive user experience audits to identify pain points and areas for improvement. Implemented a phased redesign approach, focusing on enhancing user workflows while maintaining design consistency. User testing at each stage ensured the final interface met both contemporary trends and user expectations.
  5. Product Re-Architect 🏗️: Executed a staged migration plan, preserving critical functionalities while re-architecting underlying structures. Leveraged microservices architecture for enhanced scalability and flexibility. Implemented automated testing protocols to ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruption.
  6. Agile Methodology 🔄: Launched an internal Agile training program, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability. Introduced collaborative project management tools to enhance transparency and communication. Regularly conducted retrospectives to fine-tune and optimize Agile processes.

These solutions were not just fixes; they were strategic initiatives that transformed challenges into opportunities for growth. Each step reinforced our commitment to delivering a product that not only met but exceeded the expectations of our dynamic user base.

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